Behold the Lara Croft fanny pack that everyone wants

We love a fashion brand mishap; whether it’s a Boohoo dress that leaves the vagina on show, ASOS’s bin bag dress, or Fashion Nova’s bizarre cage trousers.

Occasionally though, they come up with a design we think is pretty rad.

At the moment, that is Fashion Nova’s fanny pack which might make the odd wearer feel like action hero Lara Croft.

An image of the brand’s product has been circulating online on Twitter where the bag is getting a lot of love.

When one user tweeted: ‘This is about to have women thinking they’re Lara Croft,’ the post got over 36,000 likes with plenty of women asking where they could grab theirs.

Conveniently, the user also included a link to the Fashion Nova website where the Next Level Harness Fanny Pack is available in red for $24.99 (£19.14) though shipping to the UK also has an $8.99 (£6.89) price tag.

The popularity of fanny packs also showed the declining interest in a flimsy old purse or handbag which are often bigger and tiring to carry around.

Unlike a normal fanny pack worn around the waist or shoulders, the Next Level Harness bag is wrapped around the waist and then the thigh, giving people Lara Croft feels.

The popular action heroine wears a similar holster belt buckle that Fashion Nova’s bag is reminiscent of.

And it’s not just young women getting in on the fashion staple, one woman wrote how she and her granddaughter are sporting the look.

A buyer, identified as Cynthia W, left a review on the website saying: ‘Bought one for myself and one for my granddaughter. We love it! Have gotten a lot of compliments and my granddaughter’s friends want to know where to buy.’

Similarly, Jillian C left five stars saying: ‘I love this bag. It’s such a cute spin on a fanny pack and it’s a great size. The straps are adjustable for both leg and waist and it’s super comfortable.’

While many lauded Fashion Nova for the creation, some people mentioned that other independent creatives have made similar designs.

Creators on Etsy and British designers TSCH, for example, have their own version.

Yay, more options available for those of us bored of the traditional handbag.

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